Saturday Sessions

To tie in with my local weekly classes I'm excited to offer these longer, workshop events for those looking to deepen and progress their practise.

Each month we'll focus on a different area of the physical practise- inversions, arm balancing, deeper twists etc- breaking them down and exploring how to make them work best for your body & your practise.  

Over the course of 2 hours we'll take a dynamic flow to build up heat and open up our bodies for the physical focus of the class. We'll breakdown & explore the postures, with plenty of time to play and ask questions, before taking a counter flow to rebalance ourselves ready for the rest of the day.

You don't have to be an advanced practitioner to come to these sessions but an open mind & a willingness to learn is a must!  They are created to give you an in-depth introduction to the postures & a chance to explore in a safe environment with plenty of teacher attention. 

If you're uncertain about your suitability for any session please contact me.

All Sessions are £18, all equipment is provided.

Venue: The Room, Holcombe Road, N17 9AS

Book via email, or the MINDBODY app.

Upcoming Sessions:



In November we'll focus on headstanding from the ground up, look at entering & exiting safely and then for those who are more confident we'll explore variations of these postures and how to transition into arm-balances.

You don't have to be able to "do" any of these poses, but you do have to want to try!