Flow to Restore- A Free Class

Thursday 28th June


Triangle Children's and Community Centre, St Ann's Road, N15

I'm delighted to partner with Haringey Council as part of their "Festival of Learning" encouraging adults to try something new or further develop their skills.

As part of the festival I'll be offering a FREE 90min Flow to Restore yoga class, at the Triangle Community Centre.

The session will be formed of a slow, steady flow allowing the body to release tension before we explore a more restorative practise to soothe the mind.

Spaces are limited and must be pre-booked by contacting me directly or through my MINDBODY app.

*This event is open to everyone but in order for the event to be free a short form must be completed by all attendees.



candlelit yin yoga- 90mins

Join me each month for a deeply relaxing 90 minute yoga class.  

This will be a slow, fully integrated Yin class offering deep relaxation and a chance to turn your attention inward.

Yin yoga is about simply "being" with the postures, it is entirely floor based and uses longer holds- upwards of 2 minutes-  to access a deep stretch into the connective tissues of the body.   It is a wonderfully nourishing practise which encourages surrender and stillness in each pose allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the practise.

Each class ends with a soothing Savasana and meditation leaving you relaxed yet revitalised.

These sessions are open to all levels of practitioner and all props are provided.




Next Sessions:


Lordship Hub, Lordship Recreation Ground

Tickets are £15 & can be booked through my MINDBODY app or via the Contact page

Spaces are limited & advance booking is essential.